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    Responding to email in-list as well...

    There is a certain logic that seems difficult to understand without factoring
    in a scope of many lives (to my thinking), but I guess the point for me would be
    that any discussion loses me when it begins to draw out calculations regarding
    'if there are this many people and animals...etc", to prove its already 'sure' point.

    The discussion about 'our time' is wow, so relevant, though... so relevant that I've
    had a difficult time forming thoughts for a report as there is just too much to say. :)

    I did find myself reading something yesterday, which seemed very close to
    the heart of this kind of discussion. It is about 'Leaving Home Behind' which has to do
    with Monastic models/ideals of what constitutes Complete Devotion.

    I mention it because of Zen's mention of rebirth every moment:

    And what is more, its arising and vanishing goes on uninterruptedly moment by moment. It is said that during one click of our fingers, sixty-five of these moments of time arise and disappear, but we are in the dark about this, due to our lack of awareness. Within the period of a single day and night, there are over sixty-four hundred million of these moments during which our five skandhas arise and disappear, but we are unaware of this. How sad that even as we arise and vanish, we ourselves are unaware of it!

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