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    This statement stopped the emperor completely. He began to feel a delightful insubstantiality.

    The emperor's sadness over the shameful things he had done fell away, it fell into that emptiness.

    The emperor's worry over when more attacks would come from the north also disappeared.

    Inside himself he couldn't find an emperor.

    Delighted in homework this week. Thank you so much Zen and Dao!!

    Nothing is needed. Nothing is missing.

    Considering the sense the emperor immersing in this task or that task not because he wanted credit or merit but precisely because in the lack of wanting, of losing 'the emperor', tasks, everything... everything in all of time ... came alive at once. 

    Yesterday watched a little video where a physicist described matter as appearing due to light carrying around something that slows it down. "Light is the way the world presents itself" he said.

    So really giving up, fully diving in, holding nothing back, as in something pema shared a year, as not something to accomplish but just everything as it is, as we are. 

    As Rinzai said:

          ``In this five-foot lump of red flesh there is a true
            person of no rank always coming in and going out;
            if you have not seen it yet, see it now!''

       . . .  It is always coming and going in and out of our body.
       When it goes out, if we see a flower, we become a flower;
       when we hear a beautiful bird's song, we become a singing bird.
       When we go within, we are hungry, sleepy, hot, and cold.
       There is a true master like that within each of us.

              We see a river and we are flowing without pause.
       We see the sky full of stars and we become it all.
       We dive into the suffering of all people, into society's miseries.
       Within this is a true person of no rank.

                                              Shodo Harada (1940 -- )

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