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    Enjoy the topic of imagination very much, and appreciate Calvino's taking time to frame the discussion and to give possible questions. Right now, these questions cause me to ask different questions, which means that I will probably edit this report multiple times before Thursday. :)

     Can one "practice" imagination?  What is going on when you work on a creative project or otherwise "apply" imagination?  I notice the following aspects to this process:  (1) relax enough to get some space or free attention, (2) notice what one is "already" doing (seeing, thinking, feeling, interpreting), (3) relax and dissolve this doing, and (4) consider "what else is also true" and "what else might be true". 

    I suppose that for me this isn't quite 'imagination' as I think of it but more the "dropping" or surrender/giving up process. Often, in my experience, it is giving up of imaginations and plans and agendas that happens in this place ...

    What may be heard from there doesn't seem imagination but revelation, if that makes sense. Imagination, is often (for me) required to get me there, to engage in the above, which seems a hm... forgive me if you have an aversion to the following word, pure creativity arising from 'nowhere'.

    So, in that context, I like the phrase Imagination: Gateway to Reality. Very fitting. In the same way that SL as a virtual world can allow one to put one's sel(f/ves) in an entirely fantastical or at least different context and to imitate what it might feel like to be a dog or a rabbit or a fairy which at least for me has the effect of expansion. I'm not so attached to a few contexts but the feeling of infinite potentials/imaginations of contexts (and lives).

    Which perhaps enables one to drop those (contexts), which to my sense of things is beyond imagination... to 'be' in a way that has no precident.





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