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    In considering goal-less-ness, my sense is that dropping goals, or as Trungpa often emphasizes, dropping 'hope' allows one to relate and with totality of a situation, beyond dualities/disagreement demanded by centralized ideas.

    In TSK I guess the mandala level would be higher time, relating not from 'up looking down' on the whole situation, just relating totally. I give up 'my' centralized and defined ideas, for what doesn't make sense on an ordinary level time which draws(measures) a world in definite terms ie "Here is a house. Here is a dog." Here is god in the heavens, looking down and deciding which crops to rain on. Sometimes I am up here with god looking down, and sometimes I am down here looking up." So all those things aen't melted in some way 'no house, no dog, no crops no god. They just don't necessary mean what the knee-jerk habitual response insists. There is a lot more room, and light, and breeze and flexibility there than first appears, right there without going anywhere.  

    On a personal level, time and I are having all kinds of negotiations every day. Me saying things like "Okay, yesterday I worked half the time and got twice as much accomplished, today I've worked three times as long and and have less to show! What is UP with that?!"

    I do have a sense that even if I don't see my grasping to define, to set goals, to measure, it is there and that is what I'm wrestling, rather than time, but we take it slow. :) "The poor thing needs help." It hit me yesterday that the word 'beyond' as in our last topic, contains the whole thing too, because 'beyond' isn't leaving anything 'behind' or making a separation, though it can sound like that's what it means at first. It is deeper into it. Beyond Beyond Beyond.

    So my making a plan and having a schedule also doesn't necessarily equal not having dropped goals.

    The point is that one sees the totality, the whole area. One begins to have an extraordinary panoramic vision with no boundaries. One can afford to associate with particular energies, particular directions then, because one's working situation is not based on a sense of direction anymore. You have a directionless direction. It is an entirely new approach to time and space. You can approach time because it is timeless; you can approach space because it is spaceless. There is a direction because there are no directions at the same time. This opens up tremendous possibilities of another way of looking at the whole thing. At the same time, of course, there is no reference point, therefore you can't keep track of it. Wanting to keep track of it would be comparable to wanting to attend one's own funeral.

    -Trungpa "Orderly Chaos"

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