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    The way this workshop leans against the time workshop which I also write reports for, plays with me. It is like what I'm 'supposed' to focus on, ie "Write about the Heart Sutra, Stephanie!" makes no sense. The same happens when I open the other page. I scramble to put walls between the topics, or between other pages I'm reading and writing at/on, and this one ... that one... to erect forms that might give friends and I a place to touch 'at once'.

    It almost always feels contrived... a little silly. Many things I've found myself doing recently seem very silly, in fact, yet with silly making serious sense.

    So yesterday I was reading about 'negative space', and about an artist's ability to perceive negative space, when then allows them to convey that 'to' another. What a gift... to convey and offer the 'space between' the space and the form.

    And I have been reading over a PaB session between Sophia, "Muslim" and Geo "Franciscan" which have always stirred me, however considering this offering of negative space what seems remarkable is the idea of not compartmentalizing 'you must belive this or that' but what do we share that has nothing to do with belief, or opinion, or place in time and space?

    What does it mean to 'be seen' ? To drop 'everything in the way' ? So easy to get caught up in the 'meaning' of words and lose the point..less..ness. So easy to erect walls, and then to think they have to be torn down, which of course they can't be. They can be seen to never have been.


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