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    My report is "What?! Tomorrow is Thursday?" But... but... zzzzz

    :) Actually this week I have a little to convey, and perhaps it will help me sleep well too.

    Stopping to consider what the most 'direct' thought I have about the topic is, and it is, in fact just that... a capacity to sustain direct awareness... to keep looking into something without closing off or shutting down, or throwing out distractions from what is most directly present. In sitting practice, what is most present may simply be vastness.

    Eos calls it 'coming from."

    There are levels of concentration taught in outlines, and I do think those are quite useful and interesting, but directly what there is is a place where levels seem irrelevant or non-existent as such. Do thoughts take place there? I don't want to say they don't, because if I do then when they are there I think I am not. Should I stop to write things down? Yes sometimes I should.

    I liked our conversation last week, and thought about Gaya's silliness during a sitting. As I write I remember a what seemed a tremendous breakthrough that had to do with my trying to 'use' insights that came up during meditation. It was as though I was asking "What do I do with all this?" And then there was a kind of deep laughter... "DO" with this? hahahahhahaa

    Which speaks to spiritual materialism too... packaging and closing up in order to ___?

    A PaB session last night touched on 'closures' and there were a few interesting turns:

    To me it was about flexibility and integration, on the whole... Perhaps also about capacties and unique qualities in people to give and receive.

    Hm... I'm veering off topic aren't I? Night! zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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