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    Feel I should write a report and yet hm... 

    I'm far more interested in hearing others discuss what 'samadhi' means. My first thoughts are that it has to do with sitting, allowing the chatter to end, and that stillness spreading out into all of life.

    This week I have had meditations both as individual and group practice. As group practice the guidance was given to 'look for the independent I' and wow, that was fun. :) The other practice was a 'shinay' meditation which for me brought up again that I really enjoy 'good things' coming up during meditation and can see myself wanting to begin working with those sometimes, rather than letting them pass like clouds in an unobstructed sky, as I would something I'd label a 'distraction.'   


    Just reading over Dao's report and thinking about Spiritual Materialism. I hadn't made the connection really but I think some of what I found myself working with this week (I was about to say struggling with but perhaps that is too strong) in meditation and wanting to work/play with 'good things' is spiritual materialism.

    Sitting as Toy Store.  


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