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    Patience: an extremely undervalued quality in modern life. It doesn't make a fuss, doesn't go out of its way to impress... is steady and often quiet, but potent and effective.

    A rather old fashioned word is 'long-suffering' but I enjoy it because it is about standing back and taking a long view, not being in a rush to see the culmination of everything or how things play out for 'me'.

    There is an openness about being patient which is about trust and generosity as well. Somehow I am reminded of Pema discussing the 'youngness' of Science, and considering how wide of a scope researchers and others have to have, how they must be invested in the moment-to-moment work and keep their attachment to their name being on a great breakthrough, in check. Many work their whole lives and begin a hundred things, and someone comes around the corner, picking up on that but taking it over the finish line. Surely for every published author who is given awards, there are thousands who pour themselves into books that are read by few and 'realy valued' by fewer.  

    You have to be engaged for the moment while also having some care for the larger picture. This speaks to me concerning many things, like raising children, like dealing with family members who will never give one credit but one takes personal responsibility to deal honorably and even generously, anyway. It speaks to me of 'gifts given in secret' and of covering for others in love. It speaks of being embarrassed by one's own behavior and still 'showing up' the next day.

    One can only live that way if they have a sense of openness and trust... of patience.

    Then there is the saying that "Infinite patience yeilds instantaneous results", which I'm fascinated by as a concept... because I've felt in meditation before, that 'releasing attachment' to something (usually an 'answer') had a potency which then gave the situation to, in a sense, more skillfull hands.


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