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    Sila Paramita (Ethical Conduct)

    It struck me as odd to think of sila paramita as being 'a perfection', because I think of the paramitas as energetic expressions of Buddha Nature, and I think of ethical conduct as being behaviors one becomes aware of when they have set an intention toward 'do no harm'. The latter may indeed bring one to cultivate allowing former, but I asked myself "Are they the same?"

    In light of Dao's comment during last week's session though, of paramitas as path AND fruit, ethical conduct itself with all its various behaviors, makes much more sense as an energetic expression of Buddha nature.

    So it seemed useful to clarify: Precepts v. Paramitas by referencing The Noble Eightfold path, by and re-considering each precept as the other. Going deeply into any one vow/decision/intention, as some of us first discovered in early WoK sessions, we run first of all, into the limitless limitations of even our best intended 'self' :), and second of all, into the rest of the precepts.  

    By sincerely setting out to  'do no harm' one begins to notice how utterly impossible that is to muster up by ordinary means/will... how utterly hopeless. Also, one perhaps glimpses how impossible it is to find where one's "own" being (including actions and inactions) leaves off and "another's" begins... how interconnected we are.

    Seeing that, seems the beginning of 'enlightened expressions' coming into play. Ego bows, allowing Grace.

    Bodhisattva Vows:

    Sentient beings are numberless
    I vow to save them
    Desires are inexhaustible
    I vow to put and end to them
    The dharmas are boundless
    I vow to master them
    The Buddha way is unattainable
    I vow to attain it. 

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