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    Working with energy...

    So today I had a really strange energy feeling. It wasn't a depressed feeling, but just kind of big...electric. I had things to do, and a book to read, and I couldn't settle into anything.

    Eventually I went to buy printer ink at Best Buy and walked around the store feeling the strangeness... looking at everything, all the electronics and plastic. I tried to conjur up some kind of want for something, but nada. I tried to tell myself that I should look at prices of this, or that. It just had no appeal. I kept walking and realized that I was profoundly interested in the people in the store, and the rest just seemed silly.

    When I felt this, I relaxed, and the feeling dissapated. It was a good feeling, but uncomfortable. I felt relieved that it subsided I'd given it away. Then I was able to pick up the kids from school and settle under a tree with my book. :)    

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