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    This week we are asked:
    SM "Do you find that you are chained to being the person you have been in the past?"
    "This would be something to see lurking ... And release

    --First thoughts then would be that I can find 'others' chained to my being the person they've seen me to be in the past, and wonder what true ethical "responsibility" is in this context. My sense is that through practice this is a non-issue somehow, especially a sense of 'others'  in relation to 'self'  ...      

    -Second thoughts- Considering trappings/cages/chains as Snapshots. It is like a time-delay. The 'picture captured' is something gone already and connecting to that, either I or other, is steps removed. The thing is to *really* allow the more essential, direct/immediate place/mind.
    That would be chainlessness.    

    -Thoughts following Homework group- Clearer- Appreciate Scath's pointing away from the 'other' orientation this question first brought me to, and also Gaya's thoughts on not one snapshot but many. Added dimensionality and a sense of relaxation.  

    -Realized I didn't really look at the question of "where is the past" because it seems to have different levels and from a contemplative viewpoint, it doesn't make sense?

    Making the bed today, I caught sight of the 'billions' of times I'd done the task mindlessly, and somehow felt that seeing that was a freeing from it? 


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