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    In our everyday use of notions of reality, we're usually contrasting "reality" with fantasy or stuff that doesn't really matter because it's happening "in my own head" -- for example, when people say that SL is not real, they're usually trying to say that the relationships are not fully formed because the visual component is missing, that many of the social and economic constructs that are involved in species survival are missing, that the interactions can't really be "true" because so much information / feedback is missing that we're apt  to construct an idealized version of what we would like to see in ourselves, our surroundings, and each other.  

    But the "unreal" aspects of the SL experience can also point at the unreal aspects of our real (or our day to day) lives.  And it's interesting to discover that even though things are not completely real, we can still care quite a lot about them, genuinely so.

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