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    I really enjoyed this interview with Naropa Institute's new president (a Christian, and a contemplative) and was tickled to find an article on Buddhism and acceptance from another young Shambhala teacher turning up second in a Google search for "buddhism acceptance".

    In both, I'm attracted to the emphasis on acceptance as a way to honestly and actively engage oneself, the world, the problems and difficulties but also the good things that I more typically take great pains to turn away. Dr. Lord's willingness to act from and lead with the heart was especially moving -- I wonder how many times I have ignored or turned away from the heart in favor of a habitual or "safe" response.

    When I'm able to fully accept a situation and recognize my own responsibility to act fairly even in that unfair situation, I often find a source of power that never knew I had.  Somehow, new options become available (new because I didn't even see them before).  Sometimes, that very act of acceptance is enough to resolve the situation, sometimes further action on my part is required.  But in either case, there's a sense of discovery -- discovery of a new stance that is rooted in reality, a stance that can let go of unworkable strategems and ruminations. 

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