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    Beauty II

    Picking up where we left off...  The later parts of the conversation reminded me of a quote by George Elliot:

    It was interesting to notice how much I still assume that art should = beauty when, as Zen points out, a lot of art has given up on beauty.  Art can communicate through beauty, but it's also willing to try shock, humor, garishness, banality, decay, etc. -- not limited / not judgmental about its tactics.

    RIght now, I'm of the mindset that beauty that disturbs is pointing at our own samsaric tendencies -- own own habits of creating death.  I'm remembering stories about sirens and absinthe drinkers.  There's a danger in beauty, it can have intoxicating effects -- or maybe the more accurate way to say it is it's easy to get greedy, lost in an trance.  Those kind of images seem to be pointing in both directions -- helping us to recognize beauty even in decay, but also warning against the urge to fall into a stupor.

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