Report 75 - Loving Kindness and Compassion

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    The Four Immeasurables are sometimes called The Four Abodes.

    An abode is an inward home that is always open and available.An abode is a central hub to which I can return, again and again, from the infinitely diverse spokes and outer rims of my life.

    Thus, loving-kindness and compassion comprise “a home base” that is always available.Arriving at the hub, entering it, I experience a sort of singularity where all my prior fragmentations fall away.

    From a space of loving-kindness and compassion within myself, I can “help” without pushing anyone into weakness, can “fix” without pushing anyone into brokenness, and can “serve” without pushing anyone else into dependency or addiction.

    If the abode-hub seems small, or I’m re-learning and re-learning and re-learning that it is home-base, then it may be helpful for me to experience the radiance of loving-kindness and compassion in silence and solitude, letting the “anyone” who is “helped, fixed, and served” be myself.

    The abode is “enough.”Nothing lacking; nothing in excess – therefore no need for me to generate pleasant feelings, harbor ideas of gain, indulge habits of mind and body, or to “prove” or “demonstrate” anything: not even to myself.
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