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    Last time I showed a picture (meant to be my homework) of an SL building: huge, dark and overwhelming. Next time if I have more time and I know how, I will put it here :-)


    As a kid I remember cycling in industrial areas just at night fall. No cars, no sounds, no lights, no life. Buildings, sometimes huge like this one, heading over me. Somehow I 'liked' that feeling, but at the same time I was scared, not exactly knowing why. I could look at them for ours, giving me the same feeling when looking at the starts, an eternal space. Overwhelming in shadow, in lifelesness, endlesness. In the case of the building also a smell of decay penetrating the nose, like solid momeries, but just not solid enough.

    I'm not sure if this is beauty or 'interesting'. Our eyes seem to get caught by anything that is different, not like us, strange, in potential dangerous. Like your eye catches a 'different' person in the street, and you notice yourself watching a second time.

    Most of those people wouldn't only be considered 'different' and 'interesting' but are also giving us a sence of 'uglyness', yet it is hard to look away. I have been working with 'ugly' people, and since they have become 'normal' in my eyes, I don't feel the need anymore to let my eye catch them. My eye still feels it...... but that's all.

    Beauty, interesting, wonder if in art those two elements arent' used both. And how do they exactly relate to each other?

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