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    Do you experience yourself as a person with capacities as compared to someone who can do particular things in particular situations? 

    I see 'myself' as a no-self - just a bunch of physical and mental processes. I don't know. Things get done. 

    Do you have good days and bad days, where you're more "on" and "off"?  Do you know what internal or external conditions determine this?

    (How much) do you feel "at choice" with respect to this?

    Do you believe it's possible to cultivate yourself and your capacities?  If so, how?  What are the most important ways you do this?  Do you have some rituals or practices, or other things you do that help or support you in this?

    What are some specific capacities you are aware of, and what do you know or believe about how they function in you or in other people?

    Do you have a sense of your own strengths and weaknesses?

    Suppose we take this area of your experience, and use the label capacity or ability to refer to it.  What area(s) of life do you focus on -- or give attention to -- where you're growing or challenged in a positive way?   Do you have specific intentions and aspirations? 

    Do you have goals or intentions about the quality of Being (presence, creativity, intelligence) that you experience and bring into play?  How is this expressed in action?

    How do you know whether these capacities are present to a greater or lesser degree?  How do you discriminate which way is "up"?   Whether something you're doing is having a positive effect?

    How does this skillful or effective knowing work in specific situations?  Perhaps some of the following questions will be evocative.

    • What is happening in a group, when there is creativity, energy, and a good flow?
    • What motivates and inspires you?  What leads you toward greater freedom?  Can you do something to cultivate this?
    • What do you do ahead of time to make sure that you are functioning "at your best"?
    • How do you approach a creative project?  A challenging situation? 
    • How do you make decisions about complex or ambiguous situations?
    • How do you set your intentions or direction?  Do you gather your thoughts and impressions at the end of the day or as part of your morning routine?
    • How do you work with tiredness, or a distracted mind, or other such states that would seem to interfere with being "skillful in action"?
    • What do you do when a situation stimulates a feeling of anger, fear, confusion, or boredom?  Do you decide what to do or how to be with it?
    • We are "relational" creatures.  What are your aspirations with respect to relating?
    • Are there different kinds of "intelligence" -- for example intellectual, emotional, task-oriented?  Does this also include some kind of "spiritual" intelligence?
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