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    It seems a gift to read Dao and Zen's reports today. I've been amidst writing which asks for a kind of flow and balance that I have never have really worked with to the extent I'm aspiring toward now. It is technical and yet warm, practical and yet visionary, personal and universal...

    It requires knowing where to step out, what is Enough... accepting and dancing with conditions which are constantly changing. A sense of time is accentuated ... knowing 'when' to shift to meet turns, which is sometimes before one *thinks* so, and when it okay to close eyes and drift a while... leaning on other senses.

    Immediacy. Moment to moment 'appropriate' response.

    There are times when I think "What have I gotten into here?! I'm not equipped!" But something deeper tells me that is part of what brought me into the work... knowing I'm not equipped in any ordinary sense, dancing with that... allowing for the unlikely or unexpected to show up. Or for the music to change.

    I've heard Virya described as 'energy toward the good' and this definitely resonates, as I'm pretty confident of having no ordinary ability to know the scope of what is truly good, or illusions of thinking I can make anything like that happen by my 'own' feeble efforts.




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