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    Seven-day report

    Preliminary notes:  Stim is asking for a 7 day report on the day of and the week following Thanksgiving -- I wonder if he knows what he's in for.  At least from me, he'll be getting stories about weird weather patterns, bad mother-daughter relationships, turkey fires, and so forth. But since I didn't read the homework assignment until today, I'll save (some of the) pain by starting with today.

    Sat Nov 28:  No relatives, no stress today -- just a lovely bike ride around Central Park in the bright low-slanting winter sun. Came home and read through WoK transcripts that I missed and wrote a few notes for myself about the last three days. I realized that for me, being around my mom is a lot like suffering from car-sickness.  By being very careful, I can stave off the bad symptoms and sometimes I get lucky, but once it starts, every tiny turn or bump in the road makes the car-sickness so much worse, and even after I get out of the car, it can continue on for quite a while. (The paper monster story works too!)  Gave my sis and her husband a ride home after they borrowed our car -- they found this a very apt analogy and we blew off a little steam trying to articulate exactly what it is that drives us so batty; that was very relieving!  

    Sun Nov 29:  Dreams seem to have too much work in them lately -- this one about being in the main meditation hall at Tenzin Wangyal's retreat, beautiful flowers, gold and red, with all the statuary and tankas around.  But Mits is standing up in the middle hall arguing loudly with Tenzin Wangyal and I'm tugging at him a little, reminding him that this is Tenzin Wangyal and really he has much more experience to draw upon.  When I told Mits this dream later, he called it a dream memory fail -- he wanted to hear about the great arguments he was delivering.  But actually he did spend some of the wee hours of the morning writing emails so perhaps he knows exactly what the discussion was about :).   Plus we got up early for a condo board meeting. 

    Homework session was really wonderful today, we discussed notions of unconditional love and Eliza reminded us of groundlessness as a basis.  Took a nice long afternoon nap.  Mits and I saw the Fantastic Mr. Fox with Nadia, which is quite a good story about how we really are wild animals (Nadia really liked the color scheme -- just the right appeal  to middle class bourgeois she said!).  New York is a very quiet town tonight; we both noted the dilated sense of time that can happen sometimes. 

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