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    Seven-day report

    Preliminary notes:  Stim is asking for a 7 day report on the day of and the week following Thanksgiving -- I wonder if he knows what he's in for.  At least from me, he'll be getting stories about weird weather patterns, bad mother-daughter relationships, turkey fires, and so forth. But since I didn't read the homework assignment until today, I'll save (some of) pain by starting with today.

    Sat Nov 28:  No relatives, no stress today -- just a lovely bike ride around Central Park in the bright low-slanting winter sun. Came home and read through WoK transcripts that I missed and wrote a few notes for myself about the last three days. I realized that for me, being around my mom is a lot like suffering from car-sickness.  By being very careful, I can stave off the bad symptoms and sometimes I get lucky, but once it starts, every tiny turn or bump in the road makes the car-sickness so much worse, and even after I get out of the car, it can continue on for quite a while. Gave my sis and her husband a ride home after they borrowed our car -- they found this a very apt analogy and we blew off a little steam trying to articulate exactly what it is that drives us so batty; that was very relieving!  

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