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    This is a wiki for the Kira Ways of Knowing Workshop. We have weekly meetings at Kira Cafe  in the virtual world Second Life on Thursday at 2:00 pm SLT. Although, you can drop in at any time :) Please, see the events calendar.

    Notice:  The Workshop with Stim Morane finished on Jan. 7th 2010. Informal discussions have been taking place weekly from Jan. 17th 2010.

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    Recent discussion(s):

     10.06.2011 - What is WoK / Metaphor

     10.13.2011 - "Metaphor - Treat or Trap?"


    Current explorations

    Next week, October 20th at 2 p.m. slt in the Kira Café, the Ways of Knowing group’s topic will be:

    Ways of knowing the world . . . (and/or ways of being in the world). . .

    as illustrated by metaphors in a poem - your own or someone else’s.

    Everyone is invited to bring a poem to share - (copy/paste in the chat box, so all can read it) – and then discuss how that poem informs, opens, challenges, supports, etc. some way of knowing and being in the world.

    Since we have only an hour (and, I hope, several partipants), I suggest that we each select poems of no more than 16 lines.  This would "allow"  sonnets and poems of up to four 4-lined stanzas.   If you choose something more epic, please select from it no more than 16 lines to present. 

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