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    Editing an existing wiki page, or adding a comment is simple to do:


    NB: You must be logged in to edit or add comments


    • Go to the page you want to edit
    • select the 'Edit page' icon on the left of the toolbar at the top of the page
      • the page will refresh in edit mode, with formatting toolbar at top of page
    • when you have finished editing select the 'Save' icon on the formatting toolbar
      • the page will refresh in non-edit mode, with your amendments saved

    That is it!!   Try editing the 'Practice page'  (select from the menu frame on the left)

    Adding a comment:

    • Go to the page where you want to leave the comment
    • At the bottom of the page you will see an 'Add comment' button below a text input box.   Type your comment into the input box and select the 'Add comment' button  (do not use the 'Edit page' button)
    • the page will refresh with your comment saved

    Try adding comments to the 'Practice Page'

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